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Coffee By Design

Portland & Freeport -

PORTLAND – Coffee By Design, Inc. is pleased to announce Panacea as this year’s winner of the annual intercompany coffee blending competition. Panacea will be available for sale at all four Coffee By Design retail locations in Portland and Freeport. The price is $13.25/lb.

This is the third year Coffee By Design (CBD) has held the competition which pairs roastery and retail team members for a month to create their own coffee blends. What started as a class to learn about coffee has turned into a fierce competition where the winners get bragging rights, plus their coffee is for sale at Coffee By Design’s coffeehouses for a month. Eight teams participated in this year’s event, with staff members narrowing the field to three finalists. The three blends were sampled at Coffee By Design’s coffeehouses, with customers selecting the winner.

Roastery team member Paul Chiles and coffeehouse team member Ryan Lawyer are the coffee artisans behind Panacea. The Chiles/Lawyer team was inspired by the notion of old-time salesmen peddling tonics from town to town, and approached their blend as “a Panacea – a cure for all that ails,” says Chiles. Chiles has competed in the blending competition each year and always came in second until now. Chiles is especially proud of his blend, not just because of winning, but because of what a “rubenesque, well-rounded coffee” it is.

Along the theme of a cure-all, roastery staff member Charles Brant designed original artwork featuring a snake oil salesman for signage announcing the new blend.

Panacea includes Tanzania Peaberry Burka Estate for lightness, Java Pancoer Estate for its full body, and Organic Peru Chanchamayo La Florida for brightness. The resulting blend may not cure everything that ails you but at least will get you out of bed in the morning!

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Coffee By Design, a Maine owned and operated coffee company, opened its first Portland retail location in 1994. Today the company operates three retail locations in Portland, one in Freeport and a coffee micro roastery. Coffee By Design is committed to running a sustainable business dedicated to coffee excellence, the arts and the community. Through selected wholesale accounts and online retail sales, their coffee is enjoyed nationwide.

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