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Blaine House Rewired for Modern Times

Augusta, Maine -

AUGUSTA – If you were to walk into the Blaine House today, you would immediately gain a sense of something charming and distinctly unique. Over 175 years of history and culture are settled into every wall of the home. There isn’t a nook or cranny that isn’t filled with stories of the past, present and future, of children running around, and of hard political decisions.

Thankfully, for the Blaine House, the future is looking bright. In 2010 the most well known home in Maine is receiving a boost into the modern era, without loosing its iconic historical status. This summer Portland, Maine contractor Wright-Ryan Construction is going to bring the Blaine House into the 21st century through a complete electrical renovation. The renovation will allow the Blaine House to honor the past while staying in touch with the modern need for energy efficiency and sustainability.

An important part of this project will focus on restoration and preservation of key historic details of the home affected by the renovation, such as original wallpaper, woodwork and plasterwork. It is expected Wright-Ryan’s in-house millwork division will complete the woodwork restoration, with Wright-Ryan self-performing many other facets of the preservation. Through Wright-Ryan’s careful work and extensive expertise in this area, the Blaine House will decrease energy consumption, without losing one piece of history nestled into its walls.

Founded in 1984, Wright-Ryan is one of Maine’s leading construction firms, with expertise in commercial, institutional and residential construction as well as high-end millwork and furniture. The firm employs more than seventy highly skilled professionals and tradesmen. Wright-Ryan has successfully completed some of the most architecturally distinctive and challenging buildings in Maine.

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