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Biovation Launches BioArmour Antimicrobial Formulation Product Platform

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BOOTHBAY‚Äď Biovation LLC, a manufacturer of antimicrobial formulations and non-woven fiber products for food packaging and wound care, has launched the BioArmour antimicrobial product platform for the textile and fabric industry. Biovation compounds and blends BioArmour antimicrobial formulations for OEMs according to their application-specific benchmarks.

Biovation formulates customized solutions for OEM’s targeted applications using a variety of antimicrobial platforms available in the commercial market. The BioArmour platform is based on commercially available silver-releasing powders (with EPA and FDA registration status), surface active agents, surfactants, quaternary ammonium compounds, organic acids, inorganic acids, and biopolymers provided in any combination and concentration. The presence, combination, and concentration of the various elements depend on multiple factors, including the specific textile type, targeted end-use, the nature of the microbes to be controlled and hindered, and other synergies depending upon conditions present in the application environment.

For more information, call 633 0616 or visit http://www.biovation.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Kerem Durdag

Telephone Number: (207)633-0616

Website: http://www.biovation.com

Email: kdurdag@biovation.com