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Androscoggin Bank to Offer Free Financial Power of Attorney for Active-Duty, Deployed Military

Lewiston -

LEWISTON, Maine — Androscoggin Bank today announced that AndroscogginTrust, a division of Androscoggin Bank, will provide free Financial Power of Attorney for active-duty, deployed soldiers in all branches of the military. Financial Power of Attorney services will allow AndroscogginTrust to act on behalf of the soldier in case of eventualities including house sale, transfer of funds, loans processing and other financial transactions. This is a very convenient offering for military families; while most soldiers employ a family member as Financial Power of Attorney, there are cases in which a relative cannot legally or physically fill this role. Military members looking to take advantage of this unique opportunity do not have to be a current customer of Androscoggin Bank in order to qualify for this service.

In order to enact these services through AndroscogginTrust, the soldier’s personal or military-appointed attorney can draft the Power Of Attorney statement for their client to sign. In accordance with existing military policy, every active-duty soldier with a family must establish a “family care plan” prior to shipping out. With a great deal of life planning required in advance of their deployment date, family care plans are often left until the last minute to be established. For those soldiers hailing from the Pine Tree State, a locally-based financial institution is stepping up to help them.

“With free Power of Attorney services, our servicemen and women can keep their mind on the tasks at hand while their financial assets and families are looked after here at home,” said Mary Leavitt, senior vice president and managing trust officer, AndroscogginTrust. “We are very proud to support our active members of the military and offer this service to their families, preserving peace of mind and security of their financial assets.”

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 1940 protects the military members from legal action while active in the military; however AndroscogginTrust is seeking to secure financial stability at home to help avoid ever needing the Act’s protection.

For more information on trust and financial services available to members of the military and to the community as a whole, please visit http://androscoggintrust.com or call toll-free at 1-800-927-3344.

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