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AMHC Limestone Facility Receives Co-Occurring Disorders Award

Caribou -

Left to right: Rebecca Fournier, David Rowland, Justice Mills, Gail Dodd, and Frances O'Hare

CARIBOU – Justice Mills of the Kennebec County Co-Occurring Disorders Court (CODC), Augusta, Maine presented AMHC’s Residential Treatment Facility (“RTF”) in Limestone with an outstanding treatment provider award. RTF staff members Gail Dodd, Frances O’Hare, Rebecca Fournier, and David Rowland were on hand to accept the award.
Participation in the court requires a mental health diagnosis and a co-occurring substance abuse problem. Defendants charged with any crime are considered for admission. The majority of members of the court have pleaded guilty to class A, B, or C charges, including sex offenses, drug offenses, robbery, class C assault, class C OUI, class C theft, burglary, and multiple probation violations. Increasingly, admission to the CODC requires that the criminal conduct is driven by mental illness and that the amount of incarceration saved by successful completion of the CODC is measured in terms of years, not months. Upon admission to the court, the defendants are connected to the resources they need to succeed, including housing, insurance, financial support, treatment, medicine, encouragement and support from the team, case management, and, if appropriate, a job or further schooling. The RTF was given the recognition because of its work with individuals participating in the CODC who are referred for treatment at the RTF.
The RTF offers 12 beds for the treatment of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The program offers individuals a safe and supportive setting in which they can receive intensive services that are tailored to specific needs.  AMHC residential staff works with outpatient therapists, community service programs, government agencies, and other appropriate ancillary services to develop discharge and follow-up plans that focus on relapse prevention and reintegration into the community to ensure an optimal outcome for the consumer.
For more information about services at AMHC’s Residential Treatment Facility, call services, please call 325-4727.
AMHC is a nonprofit organization with 20 service sites located in Aroostook, Washington, and Hancock counties. AMHC has been providing mental health, substance abuse, rehabilitation, and speech and language services since 1970.

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