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Acadian activities planned for Van Buren

Van Buren -

VAN BUREN, Maine — This year’s SummerFest events on August 6 begin with a Revitalized Tractor Pull sponsored by the newly restructured Chamber of Commerce and a Chicken Barbeque produced by the Knights of Columbus to benefit the Acadian Village. The Knights are also preparing a future Acadian Benefit Bazaar to sturdy up the finances of the Van Buren’s beautiful Acadian Village!

One week later on August 13, GO-Van Buren teams up with the Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Van Buren to organize the 2011 SummerFest parade with an Acadian theme. Acadian Theme Parades, scheduled to occur each year from now thru 2014 in anticipation of the World Acadian Congress are intended to increase community pride in our historic past and give people more creative opportunities to be involved in celebrating Acadian history! The Knights of Columbus will another be doing a chicken barbeque on that weekend!

While GO-Van Buren provides organizational and recruiting skills, the Chamber is coordinating other parade essentials including insurance, permits, and the municipal service logistics to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. In the meantime, the Acadian Village is partnering with Heritage Vivant and Saucier’s Shur Fine to put together a post-parade snack for parade participants, and, each unit joining the parade will be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.

Though some towns incur significant expenses staging parades, those produced by GO-Van Buren are 100% volunteer and strive to incur no costs outside of “in-kind” donations of time. Because of that, both Anne Roy from the Acadian Village, and Dee and Jim Lizotte from Saucier’s Shurfine felt it was important to make sure that those who worked on the parade got something to eat to replenish calories burned while working on the parade!

Each successive parade planned from now thru 2014 will attempt to improve the parade that preceded it. This year, organizers are hoping to see more family units, big heads, ( like Mardi Gras) crazy heads, giant puppets and even fancier floats than the year before – and of course a lot of fun. Paul Vaillancourt and Eleanor Varley of GO-Van Buren offer assurances that there are still opportunities to join in. Perhaps the Acadian Theme parade in Van Buren will become quite an annual event even after the 2014 Acadian Congress, that will continue to draw people back to their Valley roots and visitors from all over to join in or simply take in.

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